Introducing ArgusCache: The fastest way to improve CFML application performance

We’re proud to announce Rasia’s newest software product - ArgusCache. After years of working with clients to build and tune CFML applications, we saw a need for a product that can solve common performance challenges, and do so quickly and easily.

We developed ArgusCache to provide instant performance improvements while giving users precise ability to select (or ignore) any aspect of their application for caching.

ArgusCache installs in minutes as a Lucee extension, and immediately starts analyzing your application. Within minutes, ArgusCache shows you a list of recommended items for caching. Select the ones you want (you might simply select all), and you can watch in real time as your application’s performance begins to improve.

You touch it, you break it. But not with ArgusCache.

Working with existing applications to improve performance is challenging; whenever you start changing code, you run the risk of breaking your application. But with ArgusCache, you don’t need to dig into your code to do any performance tuning; you literally point and click to see results. No programming neccessary. 

Time is money; ArgusCache saves you both

Performance tuning is important, but it’s time consuming, and expert developers cost money. Using ArgusCache can save you many programmer-hours, and by reducing the demands on your server, ArgusCache can also reduce your hosting costs.  

3 quick steps to serious performance improvements

  1. Install ArgusCache. It’s a Lucee extension, so all you have to do is select it from your Lucee Adminstration screen, and ArgusCache installs in seconds.
  2. Turn on the ArgusCache Analyzer. ArgusCache will “watch” your application, identifying all the possible items that can be cached, along with the potential time savings you can realize.
  3. Select the items for caching. Immediately upon selecting the items, you’ll see the performance begin to improve. Over the course of the next few minutes, you’ll see response times speed up, and requests per second increase.

We’ve tested ArgusCache with popular CFML apps like Mura CMS, Preside CMS, and Contens CMS. We’ve seen serious improvements across the board.

ArgusCache will help you get the most out of your CFML app, and will reduce the server resources needed while making your users happy with significant speed improvements.

Sign Up for the Beta Test

ArgusCache is available now for Beta testing. You can sign up and learn more at ArgusCache.com.  

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